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Caminar para Encontrarnos Program

Caminar para Encontrarnos is a program  co-designed between Patagonia OnFoot & Experiencia Raíz that  has the objective, from a prolonged experience in nature, to create a space to rebuild ourselves from ourselves, from the relationship with others and integrating nature as a container.

Do you want to know more about our next experience? Write us and join a group that is already underway!


The experience takes place within the Estancia Río Frío,  between Trevelin and Corcovado, in the province of Chubut. A historic stay in the area that seeks to integrate an area -currently cattle production-  as a nature reserve into its business model.

The Walking to find ourselves program has become the first step in their regeneration, and it is in this exercise that we invite people to rethink themselves based on active coexistence in nature.

We propose:

  • 6 days of immersion in nature (+2 IN/OUT).

  • Learning experiences.

  • Local Guides & Educators.

  • Participatory coexistence.

  • Walks and moments of reflection.

  • Conversations and activities.

  • Lodging in the Estancia first and last night.

  • Group equipment: tents, kitchen, security and communication elements.

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