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San Martin de los Andes

MaPa Program

MaPa is an expedition of 6 + 1 days for Mothers, Fathers, and children from 12 years of age that aims to generate a memorable moment and live a space mutual learning.


For six days, in the Lanín National Park - near San Martín de los Andes-  mothers, fathers, and children will face challenges that seek to strengthen the natural bond of both parties and build a shared history that last for a lifetime.


MaPa is a pause, it is leaving everyday life aside and focusing on what is important in life.


Sleeping in a tent, telling a story next to a fire, cooking together or watching a sunset can generate a connection that is impossible to generate in the day-to-day life of the times we live in.




Fecha: 21 al 27 de enero

Duración: 5 + 2  Días

Edad: + 12 años

Lugar: San Martín de los Andes


Participants profile

Families who come from different areas and geographical locations. With a good physical condition, who have a predisposition for continuous learning and are willing to live a constructive experience with their sons or daughters.

How to apply?

To be part of our next expedition you must request the application forms by clicking here!

We suggest that when you receive the forms you complete them with time and dedication, as it is the first contact we have to get to know you before projecting a path together.

Each participant must complete their own form.

Selection criteria. How do we choose our next team?

The Patagonia On Foot team of educators selects applicants with the aim of forming a group rich in experiences, backgrounds, personalities, and places of origin.

We seek that each family nucleus achieves the greatest benefit and is a source of inspiration for others.

Trabajar con grupos pequeños y ser conscientes del medio ambiente nos permite garantizar una alta calidad de servicio y experiencia. Nuestro lema es "grupos pequeños grandes experiencias"


Somos un equipo apasionado de especialistas en Educación Outdoor que contamos con la reputación de ofrecer experiencias educativas premium en la Patagonia.

What is the economic value of the experience?

Check values and promotions by clicking here!

We provide:

- A memorable experience

- Tents for two/three people

- Transportation within the expedition.

- Full mountain board during the expedition: Breakfast + lunch + snack + dinner.

- Group equipment such as tents, stoves, fuel, rescue and communication equipment: VHF and    satellital (InReach).

- Personal accident insurance.

- Tickets to National Parks and necessary permits.

- Certified guides, teachers and instructors.


We Do Not Provide:

- Round trip tickets from the city of origin to the place where the expedition takes place.

- Accommodation the day before and the day after in San Martín de los Andes 

- Personal and travel insurance.

- Expenses derived from abandoning the expedition.

- Personal Gear and Equipment as shoes and jackets.

- Extras that are not expressed in the list of what we provide.


Trabajar con grupos pequeños y ser conscientes del medio ambiente nos permite garantizar una alta calidad de servicio y experiencia. Nuestro lema es "grupos pequeños grandes experiencias"

  • 1. Do I need to have mountain experience to participate?
    No, the expedition is designed for people with no experience in terrain or mountain experiences but definitely in good physical, psychological and emotional condition.
  • 2. What does 7 + 2 days mean?
    Which are seven days of expedition, plus the meeting day prior to the start of the expedition and the day after, that you can return home or stay at the destination to continue enjoying.
  • 3. Where is the expedition?
    The itinerary of the expedition is a well-kept secret. When we send you the acceptance email to the course, we will reveal the meeting place and time. Don't worry, we do it with enough time so you can organize yourself.
  • 4. How is the payment system?
    When we send you the value of the program, we tell you about the different payment options and the promotions that we have available.
  • 5. How do I get to the meeting point?
    Each participant decides whether to arrive by plane, car, bus or bicycle.
  • 6. Can I apply for a scholarship?
    Sorry, this option is not available for foreign participants
  • 7. How can I prepare myself physically?
    Undoubtedly, doing aerobic activities. For example, running or cycling.
  • 8. Are there shelters? Where do we sleep?
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. We usually sleep in tents, but we're sure that one night you'll want to bivouac.
  • 9. Are there bathrooms?
    In shelters yes, but usually no. But don't worry, there are techniques for everything.
  • 10. What activities are we going to do?
    It is impossible -and contrary to our principles- to tell you everything we are going to do.
  • 11. Can you consider my dietary requirements?
    Definitely yes! You will only have to help us a little with the planning and cooking.
  • 12. Can I wear glasses or contact lenses on the expedition?
    Yes, they may even be used by some of the course instructors.
  • 14. Can I bring electronic devices to the expedition?
    First, we are going to remind you that on the fifth day of the expedition you will understand what a gram of excess in your backpack is. In addition, there is no telephone or Wi-Fi signal in the places we pass through. Finally, we remind you that if the device gets wet it is your responsibility.
  • 15. What training do my instructors have?
    The Patagonia On Foot team is made up of a group of teachers, mountain guides and kayak guides. Our instructors are true Outdoor Educators, with extensive experience in expeditions from different institutions in Argentina and abroad.
  • 16. Can you put together a special course for my group of friends?
    Yes, but we would have to define the objectives of the expedition together. The Líderes 2030 program has its own objectives and conditions.
  • 17. What are the Universities with an agreement and what benefits do they have?
    The Universities with an agreement with Patagonia On Foot are: - Universidad del Salvador - Universidad Torcuato Di Tella - Universidad del CEMA - Universidad Abierta Interamericana - Centro de estudiantes del Instituto Tecnólogico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) - Centro de estudiantes de Abogacía de la Universidad Católica Argentina - Centro de estudiantes de Ciencias Políticas y Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad Católica Argentina The benefit that the students of these universities have is: - Exclusive vacancies - 10% discount
  • 18. When do applications open?
    Applications open on October 1 of each year and close when the available vacancies run out. Which for issues of quality of experience, safety and environmental impact are very limited!
  • 19. ¿Qué hacemos con el equipaje que llevamos al viaje pero no a la expedición?
    Nos los das el primer día, te lo guardamos en un lugar seguro y nos encargamos de que lo recibas el último día.
  • 19. What else?
    If you've read this far, you're obviously motivated. So congratulations! You meet the first requirement of our selection criteria.
  • 20. And question 13?
    We are waiting for you. Does it occur to you? Write us at and maybe your question will take that place.

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